User Journey

User Journey and Pain-points
User Stories
Possible Solutions
A. Select a Contact: I am supposed to select my Contact and FA here.
• The navigation pane takes too much space
A. 1. Cross-sell Bulk: Users maybe looking for a bulk payout option, we should allow switching here as well, as they maybe using the option repeatedly and did not know that they could try an easier method
• Allow user to switch between a single and bulk payout
A.2. Select Contact:I may select a contact by choosing from list or searching for a contact, they could search by 5 different attributes
• How can I search for my contact • Call out inactive contacts if any
• Instead of showing the list, we can sort top most frequent contact payouts or newly created contacts.
A. 3. Create Contact:I may want to create a contact which is new immediately while trying to make a payout, or if the contact does not exist
• We have not optimised for creation of a contact while creating a payout and hence there is a modal on modal
A.4. Choose Fund Account (FA): • I may want to choose a FA on the basis of what transfer method. I may choose and what is available to me on the basis of my debit account and what the contact has provided. • I may not be seeing a fund account because it is marked as inactive.
• Some fund accounts are dependent on debit bank, and ideally their unavailability should be called out• If the list of fund accounts increases, the details get hidden under the footer • We don’t show this detail after selection in the next page and even on the summary and users tend to go back and forth • Call out inactive fund accounts if any
A. 5.Add new FA:I may also want to add a new FA, depending on new information which was provided to me by my contact or if existing FA are unavailable
• A modal on modal. • How do I close this page, I don’t want to add another FA
B. Enter Payout Details: * I am supposed to enter payout details here, why am I seeing so many fields.• Did I choose the correct FA, I want to go back and check
• This entire page looks very complex and a lot of details of the form get missed under the footer • Scroll behaviour is jerky
• We show contact and FA details on this page as well • We make things more graphical.
B.1. Choose Debit Account: I may choose my debit account based on  1. balance available or  2. based on credential access 3. Based on FA bank
• Since debit account and fund account selection dependent on each other, we should bring debit account selection to an earlier step • We may want to make this as the first step
B.2.Add Payout Amount: • While entering the payout, I want to know the current balance available and when it was last checked. • If the payout exceeds the current balance, I want to know if I should reduce the amount or queue the payou
B.3. Choose Purpose: What is a purpose and why do I need to add it? Why is this mandatory? • I had the purpose entered but I can’t seem to search it on this small dropdown • I want to add a new purose
• Should allow type and search simultaneously • Create new purpose opens another modal on top
B.4.Choose transfer method:• My decision of choosing a transfer method is based on the amount I can transfer• Bank window timings for RTGS, and if I’m outside the window, I should know processing will take longer than expected • Avg. processing times for a given method
• Show bank timings if possible for various types of transfer • Show restrictions upfront
B.5. Add customer narration: What do you mean by customer narration? • I want to know how will the Contact see my payout reflected on their bank statement.
• Most people don’t know what this is for • Often gets hidden under the footer • We don’t show this when giving out summary
• Added tooltips • Use a larger form • Show how exactly the payout is being created and add that information
B.6. Add Notes: I want to know what are notes and how can I use them
• Most people don’t know what this is for
B.7. Add Reference ID: I want to know what are notes and how can I use them
• Most people don’t know what this is for
C. Review Payout Summary: This is the final screen before the payout is created. It is still a lot to read after filling this huge form.
• We can give a more graphical representation of the summary
C.1. View Summary Details: I want to know which debit account, contact and the FA is my money going to • How much money is getting debited and what are the  fees and taxes involved
• Show fund account details  • Show narration
C.2.Additional conditions: • View whether the payout will be queued, or • will go for further approval or  • may take longer for processing or • all of the above
C.3. Enter OTP: • I want to know where have you sent me the OTP • I did not receive my OTP and want you to resend it
C.4.Create Payout: Once the payout is added to the list, view its sequence
• Currently you don’t know which payout got created after you completed the payout creation, or if new payouts got added to the list since you last saw it.
• Highlight that row • If new payouts have been added by other users, we should highlight them as well • The page needs to be refreshed entirely, when new payouts are added