Grab for Business (GFB)
Grab for Business (GFB)

Grab for Business (GFB)

What is Grab for Business?

Grab for Business or GFB provides enterprises to let their employees avail Grab services like hiring transport (GrabTaxi), ordering food and groceries (GrabFood and GrabMart) etc. and pay for them via corporate allowance.
By extension, this also includes GrabGifts (GG) which primarily caters to P2P and bulk gift purchases. The use-case of bulk gift purchasing is around corporate gifting and hence the major part of the revenue.

My Role @ Grab

I am the Design lead for GrabGifts website and in-app experience primarily and also contribute GfB Product with active involvement in planning, process and feedback. As a part of my responsibilities, I collaborated with the UXR team on what could be valuable areas to dive deeper into, for research, as well as overlooked the content design for new nudges which were being introduced in-app. Also contributed new components to our Design System Duxton.
Alongside product, I also helped execute new Card Designs and AR Gift Cards by providing creative direction.

Design Process:

As a part of the design process, Grab actively encouraged designers to collaborate, here is how a typical process went.
  1. Kick off the design phase with the PM. Go through existing research and understand the problem. Call out any experience breaks and design scope requirements.
  1. Depending on the problem statement:
    1. Present early-stage designs to BU Design Team, Content and Researchers in Basecamp. Can include cross-functional peers as well as Product Managers for feedback and direction.
    2. Organise Design Jams with other designers → Open Workshops where designers come together to ideate and iterate.
    3. Iterate as many times as required.
  1. Once designs are at the pre-final stage, include content designers for a review.
  1. Present the designs to leadership in Camp 1: 40-minute presentations which would cover the entire design process end-to-end.
  1. Finalise design and documentation and handoff to engineers
  1. Desk-check the designs on production
  1. Launch.
  1. Review numbers along with the Data Analyst team

Snapshots of some of my Design Projects:

[In-App] Split Payments for GrabTaxi:

When trying to book a corporate ride, employees often get limited by company allowance. For example, your allowance maybe SGD 8 during the weekdays but if your average ride spend is SGD 12, there will be very few places where you can use your corporate allowance.
Split Payments allows employees to use their personal funds to top up the difference.
The design challenges of this problem statement:
  1. Limited Real Estate while booking the ride,as multiple elements would compete for attention.
  1. Payment use-cases such as showing wallet balance, , calculating the actual amount available in corporate balance were also to be addressed.
  1. Consistent design of the information display to be consistent across all instances where Split Payment was used (GrabFood).
  1. Minimal Friction while booking the ride
Sharing below the final flow screens for the Split Payments journey.
notion image

[In App] Details page of GrabGifts Senders and Recipients, and Gift Sharing:

In the original MVP, there was only the Transaction info which would indicate the purchase has happened. Since this was incomplete information, we needed a “Details Page” which would let the user get an overview of their gift purchase, and let users take actions based on the status of the gift.
MVP Activity Details for GrabGifts
MVP Activity Details for GrabGifts
The fact that 68% of GG tickets are around the status of the gift validates the user need of complete information.
There are many reasons for users to come to their Details Page:
  1. When I am doing my weekly expenses, I want to know how much money I spent on Aurelia’s birthday gift.
  1. My friend Sherizan was in Vietnam when I sent him a gift, but now I see he’s back in Singapore, can I get a refund on my gift?
  1. I had sent Snehal a birthday gift, but she hasn’t even texted me back, did she even get to know about her gift?
  1. I’m doing Diwali gifts to all my friends, let me see who all I’ve already sent a gift to?
  1. My friend sent me a bunch of vouchers, but I don’t know how long I have before they expire, let me go check my gift.
  1. I had sent Elaine a gift for coffee day today, but she’s active here on WhatsApp, talking to me, why don’t I send my gift here?
Sharing the 3 use cases I designed the details page for.
notion image
notion image
notion image

Users can also share their gift directly with their recipient for a more personal touch.

In P2P gifting, once a user has decided to buy a gift, they usually want to share it with their recipient over their personal chat as that is a more intimate way of gift giving.
We also have data from the MVP which suggests that 78% of the people would download the links to share the gift themselves
They would do this on two occasions -
  1. Immediately once the gift is purchased and
  1. Post-purchase, when they notice the status of the gift has not been updated.
Here are some examples:
Share gifts with multiple recipients, immediately after purchase: Since Gift Links were unique, users had to select the contact first, and then select the same contact on their social media to send the gift. To allow simplicity we gave prefilled text so that users know to whom the link was copied for.
Send Gift from Details View:
Sometimes, users would wonder what is the status of the gift, so when they open the Details page and notice that gift has not been opened, they are prompted to the primary CTA to “Share Gift Link”
Bonus: Updated the “Wrapping Gift” micro-animation: Make the sender feel more excited about their gift purchase as they would do in-real-life by mimicking the “box wrapping action”
Optimising Gift Sharing for WhatsApp: Instead of simply sharing a link, users are also given a prefilled message and a message preview to get recipients excited and prompt them to open the link.

[GrabGifts Web] Send to Recipients

For corporate orders, the existing MVP let buyers download the gift links and share them with their recipients. As you can imagine that this was very cumbersome and confusing to the buyer, we wanted to introduce an emailing facility on the Web Portal itself. Users can enter the email of the recipient and the recipient will directly get the Gift Link on their email. Design proposed two ways of entering emails: 1. By manual addition 2. By CSV upload
Here is a small clip of it in action:

[GrabGifts Web] Cart Order Experience

Users can now purchase multiple gifts with different configurations such as amount, template and delivery method with one single checkout. In order to accommodate this, the major design impact was on Order Details Page.
The Original Orders Page could not accommodate a lot of information as it was spread out and also laid out without much thought.
notion image
Updated Cart Orders Page can accommodate multiple gifts in one page, allow users to see individual gift information and take actions and also look at payment details in totality.
notion image

AR Gifts and Cards

A part of my work also included working with marketing and illustration team to provide creative direction to the new assets we were creating. We tried to break the monotony of existing cards with characters , words as well as AR Gift Cards.
notion image
notion image